WebClientPrint 2.0 for PHP

Cross-browser Client-side Printing Solution for Windows, Linux & Mac

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Print File without displaying any Print dialog! (if needed)

With WebClientPrint for PHP you can print most common file formats (PDF, TXT, DOC/X, XLS/X, JPG/JPEG, PNG, TIF/TIFF) right to any installed printer at the client side.

  Windows Clients Linux & Mac Clients
DOC, DOCX Microsoft Word is required LibreOffice is required
XLS, XLSX Microsoft Excel is required LibreOffice is required
PDF Adobe Acrobat or Foxit Reader is required Natively supported!
TXT Notepad is required Natively supported!
JPEG Natively supported! Natively supported!
PNG Natively supported! Natively supported!
BMP Natively supported! Natively supported!
Printer Support You can print files to local installed printers ONLY! Parallel, Serial and IP/Ethernet printers are NOT supported. You can print files to any installed printers through CUPS system.

The following are pre-selected files to test WebClientPrint File Printing feature.

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